Tuesday, 25 October 2011

On this day: 25/10/84

Here's an intriguing team-up - habitual TOTP 'takers' Madness back up Feargal Sharkey on his first solo single Listen To Your Father. Chas Smash had written the song and it was released on their own shortlived Zarjazz label (also home to Suggs and Chas' highly odd 2000AD tribute Mutants In Mega City One by the Fink Brothers)

- 1979: a classic example of a US disco singer giving at all she's got in the face of the orchestra, Viola Wills swings it in her pantaloons.

- 1984: who's the backing singer here, Limahl or the woman who appears to be mixed above him?

- 1990: this is what both chart rundowns and Jason Donovan's show looked like then.

- 1996: a leonine Suede introduced by Steve Lamacq. Again: Steve Lamacq hosting TOTP!

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Arthur Nibble said...

I’ve got plenty of time for the Lamacq, a hidden gem in the mould of John Peel if not as influential. Steve ran a club I loved and used to participate in, Punk Rock Karaoke above ‘The Garage’ in Islington. The first time I went, I nodded in his direction and said to my mate “He’ll be happy, Colchester United (his team) won 5-2 today”. Steve overheard, came over and had a long matey chat although we’d never met him before. A former sports reporter in the Bishop’s Stortford area who loves cider, Steve’s appearance belies a jovial and friendly bloke.