Thursday, 20 October 2011

On this day: 20/10/88

Isn't it embarrassing when your big Interflora order arrives at the wrong time?

A genuinely unlike much else number one single, that. Incidentally the caption meister is wrong, the line in question is "Ross and his dependencies" after engineer Ross Cullum, but indeed at 2:41 is a reference to "Rob Dickins at the wheel". And we know who Rob Dickins later married, don't we? Well, let's not dwell on that for once, especially when we've found he was on Going Live! that same year.

- 1977: as the most cursory of listens will confirm, this isn't the Heroes you're used to. That really doesn't sound like Robert Fripp's effect laden guitar or Eno's synths, whoever's playing piano seems to have been borrowed from the nearest boozer and David hardly seems arsed until he gets to "you will be queen", at which he loses it entirely. From the same week Legs & Co don sports gear, cowboy hat and a lei for, erm, Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft

- 1994: The 1600th show demanded a fitting guest host. What it got was pop's man who wasn't there Jarvis Cocker. He started with his polar opposite Michelle Gayle. Having then had to work through Let Loose, Ultimate Kaos and Tom Jones, by the time he got to Elastica he'd gone a bit mad.


Bobby Morrow said...

I remember liking 'Orinoco Flow' so much I bought Enya's 'Watermark' album, only to find there was nothing else remotely like it on there! Thanks, Enya. Although it was a huge selling LP, I believe.

wilberforce said...

did you also like the t'pau record that this allegedly ripped-off? (i hated both with a passion!)

Bobby Morrow said...

I presume you mean 'China In Your Hands'? I can't say I was ever really aware of the similarity. But, strangely, no, I wasn't overkeen on that one!