Friday, 21 October 2011

On this day: 21/10/82

You know the Piranhas' big hit Tom Hark; what you may not recall is Boring Bob Grover and co returned two years with another big band favourite given new lyrics, Lou Busch's Zambesi. With Paul Young's celebrated backing singers The Fabulously Wealth Tarts, a Pete Waterman production and a parrot suit for the drummer they were away.

- 1982: Kool & The Gang believe in strength in numbers, and all in the same Evel Knievel cast-offs.


wilberforce said...

as far as kool and the gang are concerned, the "shark-jumping" moment for was the single after "ladies night"... i have a friend who felt the same way, and was so appalled by their decision to dilute the funk and install a smoothie frontman (and consequently cash-in big time), that to this day he can only refer to the guy as "that singer"!

Neil Barker said...

Yes I recall that Piranhas single very well. It was never off the radio or so it seemed! I thought they were singing "Sam Peasy" at first though I know that doesn't make any sense.

Arthur Nibble said...

A mate of mine saw The Piranhas live at Guildford University around 1985. Once they finished their set, they didn't have any encores prepared, so they played the entire set again.