Saturday, 22 October 2011

On this day: 22/10/81

Disco medleys had reached an out of control level by the end of 1981. I know what the building blocks of this are, but I still don't quite understand what it's for or who those people are.

- 1987: Was (Not Was) may have got dressed up neatly but they only remember hiring those dancers halfway through.


Ullapoolharbour said...

"Platinum Pop" by This Year's Blonde.

Neil Barker said...

UK studio group fronted by Tracy Ackerman, performing a medley of Blondie hits.
Tracy had previously appeared on TOTP as a member of Enigma (the medley group, not the "Sadness" hitmakers!), and later appeared
on the show with dance group Massivo.

How on earth did this awful medley of classic songs end up on TOTP two weeks
running without even making the Top 40? They performed it at the end of the
15/10/81 edition (while the credits rolled) and then opened the following week's
show with the same medley!

Noax said...

That is awful, and as for Tracy Ackerman, I remember her having a minor hit with a cover of 'Get Here' under the name of Q featuring Tracy Ackerman and assumed she was a young lady. Obviously not!