Tuesday, 18 October 2011

On this day: 18/10/90

A fabled example of when counter-cultures meet the prime-time mainstream, the Happy Mondays' first appearance is more famous largely for who they backed up with (and that'll be coming up here in November) but their slot for Kinky Afro showcases their Northern urchin approach to perfection, basin haircutted Shaun Ryder with hands in pockets, Bez very much plotting his own route.


- 1979: proof that Suzi Quatro didn't need leathers or dance routines, though she could still grapple a bass to within an inch of its life. A fascinating sideline is that at rehearsals she knocked off an inhouse rewrite of that song for VT's Christmas tape, the concept of which must have taken some previous explanation. He's A Sports PA failed to trouble the scorers. (The same year, in fact, as the engineers got to indulge in Legs & Co's take on Nice Legs Shame About The Face)

- 1979: meanwhile the children of Abbey Hey Junior School were doing their worst and there were high knee lifts all round for The Selecter.

- 2002: remember the New Rock Revolution, kids? For highly strung garage rockers The Vines' Craig Nicholls, legibility was other people.

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Noax said...

I've seen 'He's a Sports PA' and....it must have been terrifically funny to someone. Fair play to Suzi for doing it though even if she may not have known what was really going on.

Nothing on the VT Xmas tapes is ever going to be funnier than Tom Baker swearing at K9 and the Dalek chatting up the mixing desk though.