Monday, 17 October 2011

On this day: 17/10/91

Back in his Radio 1 breakfast days Simon Mayo had a record of relaunching novelty songs into hits - Donald Where's Your Troosers, Kinky Boots - and Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life became the biggest of the lot. It's not clear whether he picked it up from football chants or vice versa, but its surprise success must have been manna to the wiles of Eric Idle, who appeared on the show and laid waste to the studio.

- 1991: It's more difficult than you might have thought to find clips showing Noddy Holder in his full mirrored hat regalia, but by Slade's death rattle (Noddy left the following year) he and his band had become a poor man's Wayne Hussey. FACT: Only Cliff appeared in the TOTP studio more often than Slade.

- 2003: labels are so hard up these days even Kylie has to arrange her own light show.


Anonymous said...

Surely Quo appeared more than Slade?

Neil Barker said...

No, it's a myth that the Quo have made the most appearances on TOTP. When they released "I Didn't Mean It" in 1994 they needed a publicity stunt to get it in the chart so they came up with the idea that it was their 100th appearance on the show! Nobody involved has ever admitted that it was a lie but the statistics speak for themselves!