Monday, 24 October 2011

On this day: 24/10/91

How much do you think Vic Reeves wanted to be a rock star on Top Of The Pops? Well, technically, Born Free had already put him there, but with the Wonder Stuff he gets the full rein of the stage. He also forgets a line in the second verse, ends up scrabbling around singing down the washing machines at the back of the set in the mistaken belief one had a camera in and has to fill at the end for an otherwise headbanging Miles Hunt, but these are mere trifles. "I can't keep a straight face" says Dortie afterwards, keeping a straight face.

- 1985: refusing to acknowledge the possibilities of a keyboard stack, Jan Hammer gets the treatment all one man synth artistes got when they weren't very televisual, that is to say some directly related film gets cut into their performance.

- 1991: once the washing machines had been set aside for Vic and co, the rest of the stock from Curry's was given to Carter USM.

- 2003: two confusing, conflicting examples of pop females seeking cred. You'd never have guessed there was a Bond film released two months earlier from Emma Bunton's Maybe; on the other end of the glamour scale comes the great lost reality pop show winner, Alex Parks. It's said nobody (bar friends and family, obviously) knows what Parks, the Ani di Franco-loving Fame Academy winner for whom the descriptive word 'pixieish' seemed obligatory, is up to now, beyond rumours of further education enrolment.

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