Wednesday, 27 April 2011

No-el idea

Right, so ignore all that in the last post but two, we now gather the TOTP shown on the 12th May will be that Edmonds-fronted 6/5/76 show after all. Maybe this is the way they're compressing the run around the missing shows coming in early autumn. Or maybe BBC4 are making it up as they go along. We just don't know.

Bet they still show JJ Barrie. Look up the record he went on to make with Brian Clough, both sides are unintentionally hilarious.


Arthur Nibble said...

In that case, my apologies for the earlier complaint.

Simon said...

Oh, it's alright, I wasn't to know either. I wonder why they're actually doing it that way - there's no regular slot for BBC4 Sky At Night repeats ( so it can't really be that.