Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Alternative TOTP Canon #5: The Smiths - William It Was Really Nothing

We're classing this as alternative canon because proper Smiths TOTP canon is only anything involving flowers, and we'v included it partly for Morrissey's message, partly because he takes his shirt off entirely because Ian McCulloch had done the same a few weeks earlier and got in trouble for it so Moz wanted to see what happened (and note the audience's delayed reaction), partly for Andy Rourke's hair, and a good deal more because linking out of it Mike Smith... well, watch.

Don't go thinking you're innocent here, Skinner.

This, for full points, is from the same show as the Top Of The Pops Train wheeze, which is probably best explained at the time rather than in retrospect. It started like this. Norris McWhirter on the Pops!

And ended mid-Fizz like this.

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