Monday, 18 April 2011

The Alternative TOTP Canon #2: King Kurt - Destination Zululand

From what we think may have been Tony Blackburn's last regular TOTP hosting job, and given the way he slows down in a short intro it's not surprising, let alone that he gets the band name wrong. King Curtis indeed. This is here as part of proving the old adage those who want its return always state but wouldn't get if it was revived, that anything can get in if it charts well enough. Psychobilly was barely a popular genre even in October 1983, being exclusively for madmen with audible Bo Diddley obsessions, which even given the early 80s outbreaks of 50s revivalism seemed the sort of thing set for a rabid but limited following. King Kurt added African rhythms, cartoon imagery and idealistic haircuts. If you ask me, they go for the tarring and feathering a little too early.

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Arthur Nibble said...

One of those songs outside the top 30 that ToTP gallantly took a punt on and failed - this peaked at 36. I seem to recall Jimmy Savile was the only DJ who would give you the position of a song between 31 and 50.