Sunday, 17 April 2011

Crowd scenes

To commemorate Danny Baker's return to the BBC London airwaves tomorrow, from his 1993 series of ten minute telly history vignettes TV Heroes, an examination of the art of the TOTP studio audience.


Arthur Nibble said...

This programme also gives us the first TV appearance of Reg Hollis from 'The Bill' - he's holding the bloke on his shoulders during 'Safety Dance'.

wilberforce said...

re: "the safety dance"

back in the 80's me and a mate always used to have a laugh when the likes of sounds and the NME featured indie-type bands with absurd names that wouldn't have a cat-in-hell's chance of getting into the charts never mind on TOTP (and thus never likely to be heard by us), such as the pissflaps, birds with ears, and men without hats.

unfortunately the latter then somehow went and got themselves a hit with "the safety dance", that disapointingly turned out to be quite dull and nowhere near as weird awful or amateurish as the band name implied...