Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Alternative TOTP Canon #4: The Inspiral Carpets featuring Mark E Smith - I Want You

Ahead of tonight's rerun, let's officially induct this given that elsewhere we've been discussing little else. First thing to say is we were partly alerted to this being online by Pop Unlimited 1994, a blog running through the year's chart pop and uploading full Pops episodes on or around the anniversary to this Vimeo channel.

Somewhere online is an interview that we now can't find in which the Inspirals talk about how they were nearly kicked off the show when Mark, as expected, turned up pissed. That he seems to be inhabiting an entirely different song to the rampaging garage rolling thunder of I Want You is about par for his peculiar course, and also note that nobody - Simon Mayo, the producer, the caption writer - can think of anything to say about it all.

Followed on that show by Morrissey, too. But oh, the controversy it caused. As with so many things in life, it takes an animatronic disembodied cat called Ratz to offer the facts.

The Fall never appeared on TOTP themselves, perhaps wisely. However this is an equal opportunities blog, so here they are on The Roxy.

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