Monday, 12 December 2011

The disappeared: 2/12/76

Missing post-April show seven of eight, and there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason why the wiped set were from the first three months and last two of the year. Ed Stewart's in charge, doing so well he won't be invited back for another nine months. Stewart will be part of your Christmas festive entertainment, taking charge of Junior Choice on its annual 9am Christmas Day revival on Radio 2.

Actually, before we start, that reminds me - next Monday, the 19th, at 10pm on Radio 2 is a documentary about TV dance troupes, fronted by Arlene Phillips but her Hot Gossip are the only non-TOTP team mentioned in the station's description. Yes, even ver Flipper get a look-in.

Smokie – Living Next Door To Alice
Yes, alright, there was this notorious cover, but that was itself a cover - apparently it was well known for a cafe in Nijmegen, Holland to play the track, fade it down at the end of the chorus and everyone present to shout that rejoiner back. A record company man visited the cafe one evening, saw this in action and got to work on a version, which Smokie and Chubby themselves reworked. Just to add a further layer of obfustication, the source material is also a cover, a Chinn-Chapman song originally recorded by Australian vocal trio New World. You will all being well see this performed on the show eventually anyway, on the first TOTP of 1977.

Mud – Lean On Me
Les glasses on or Les glasses off, do you reckon?

Tina Charles – Dr Love
As with Smokie this reappears at the start of the new year after falling victim to a good solid wiping. Let's face it, though, this was only ever going to be the second most notable disco Doctorate song of 1976.

Queen – Somebody To Love
Legs & Co continue their rock interpretation sideline with the car insurance shilling choral wonder supposedly intended as the new Bohemian Rhapsody.

Barry White – Don’t Make Me Wait Too Long
Don't know what the promised video version would have entailed, but as usual I see faint images of dry ice, shots from below into the lights and ungainly close-ups of a sweaty brow.

Johnny Mathis – When A Child Is Born (Soleado)
A warning shot across the bows of a future number one.

Yvonne Elliman – Love Me
Electric Light Orchestra – Livin’ Thing
These were both on the last wiped show, also in video form, and in this precise order too. Someone getting lazy at the end of the year? I know the Christmas show production is a big commitment, but...

Showaddywaddy – Under The Moon Of Love
A brand new number one! And they couldn't be bothered to return to the studio and record it all again. Maybe the changeover stuff took too much out of them last time.


Noax said...

Not a bad selection that we're missing out on here, though I'm sure Stewpot would've done his best to ruin it judging by his previous efforts.

Smokie - I remember the Dutch 'rude' version of that being out as the same time as Smokie's. It was by Gompie I believe. Sounded very similar, but marginally better by not having Roy Chubby Brown on it.

Mud - I'm going to go for glasses mainly on, but off for one verse or (if it's got one) middle eight, as per Lonely This Christmas.

Tina Charles - Glad we get this again, it's much better than Dr Kiss Kiss! Though performed more frumpily I imagine.

Barry White - No great loss. The song, not him.

Johnny Mathis - I have a terrible habit of singing along to this when it comes on in shops which really must be stopped. I just can't help loving the way he sings 'Forloooorn' though.

PreciousBox27 said...

02/12/76 exists in private hands on 1/2" tape in the PVL, see

They also have 16/12/76

A shame the BBC didn't come up with a deal to borrow the tapes for broadcast a few weeks ago :-(