Thursday, 22 December 2011

1976 returning

The last recap (but, please be aware, not last blog post) of the year is coming tomorrow; until then an amuse-bouche to the year's music. I put out an appeal on message boards and my other account to see if any DIY musicians fancied having a go at covering some of the songs that have been on the TOTP run, and... well, the response wasn't all that it could have been. Four useable covers were received, in fact. And here they are:


Body In The Thames - I Want More
Enigmatic Stockholm-based noisy electronic artist samples part of Can's disco-Kraut meisterwork and then works round the rest

Clownbomb - Devil Woman
Enigmatic DJ-cum-solo project inserts distortion into Cliff's being-got-from-behind morality play

MJ Hibbett - Combine Harvester
Urban agriculturalism from the venerable scion of the indiepop scene, who's about to release an album of his Edinburgh Festival hit sci-fi rock opera Dinosaur Planet

Vom Vorton - Howzat
Lo-fi sunshine power-pop cover of Sherbet's cricket as breakup extended metaphor by Derby singer-songwriter. Download his recent album for free

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