Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Alternative TOTP Christmas Canon: The Specials - Do Nothing

Not the most festive number, but think of Christmas cliche - family get-togethers, too much turkey and bad jumpers. The latter must have been what whichever Special had in mind, because Jerry doesn't strike me as the type, when this performance was envisaged, proving the most effective gags are the subtlest, something the duo Simon Bates chats to before they come on would have done well to learn (though fair's fair, there's a couple of good lines in there, it's just a shame he feels the need to giggle after each one) Actually the show was broadcast on 18th December 1980, but when replayed on the first show of 1981 it must have taken on the required comedic poignancy.

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Darrenco said...

Great clip - and with The Beat's David Steele on bass too. They were on that TOTP doing "Too Nice To Talk To" with the Specials' Horace Panter duly appearing on bass.