Monday, 7 November 2011

The Alternative TOTP Canon #36: The Who - 5:15

No particular theme to this week's five Alternative Canon entries, just cherry pickings from the wide, wild sweep that was Top Of The Pops. This, for instance, comes from the 500th show from October 1973 and is the full version of the clip you may have seen on Later last week - just rare (the rest of the show has been wiped), scintillating footage of a great rock band near enough to their height. Plus in the last 55 seconds you get some mike swinging, windmilling, a scissor kick and to close some Townshend/Moon patented auto-destruction, apparently due to the former's annoyance at the Musician's Union stance as their members were supposed to be on strike. Eventually some audience members are moved enough to throw their wigs at the band.

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Anonymous said...

Not all of the rest of the show is wiped - Dawn's Tie a yellow ribbon from that show with amended lyrics (it wasn't strictly the 500th anniversary, Tony!) was repeated on the Christmas day show, and so exists.