Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Alternative TOTP Canon #22: NOVELTY WEEK: Vic Reeves - Born Free

Nobody seems to remember I Will Cure You, the sole album by Britain's top light entertainer and workshy fop, but it's the answer to the great untold pub quiz question "which 1991 top twenty album features contributions from Phil Oakey, The Grid, the Wonder Stuff, free jazz legends Evan Parker and Steve Beresford, proper jazz favourite Tony Coe and pedal steel one-stop shop BJ Cole?" This was its first single, and I have no idea why it's co-credited to The Roman Numerals (and as far as I can tell neither has anybody else). Luckily Vic has come prepared with props, if not prepared for the drastic edit. A good quality chart rundown afterwards too, apart from the host's cloying showiness. What a terrible man. A terrible man. A terrible, terrible, terrible man.

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Noax said...

Happy memories - my first year at Uni and I had no TV which explains why I had no idea that at this point they missed out songs that were going down in the rundown.

Never that keen on Vic's song myself but I was very definitely having some of 'Quadrophonia' at the time!