Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Alternative TOTP Canon #21: NOVELTY WEEK: Alexei Sayle - Ullo John Gotta New Motor

Alternative comedy. In Young One terms Nigel Planer's endlessly entertaining two performances for Hole In My Shoe are justly celebrated, but it's Alexei and his wayward attitude to miming that shows the fuller committment. Alexei admits he hadn't really thought of anything to do once he'd gone through with the car, presumably the IBA regulations preventing much of his stage persona being brought to the fore. I'd love to know who those two dancing people in pork pie hats at the back of the stage are, they can't be Zoo as that had been disbanded the year before but they appear to have thought out moves. Just the right man to introduce it, and you'll see he's sporting the Ravenscroft family tartan.

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