Friday, 28 December 2012

That was the years that was

Some of the better posts that have gone alongside the 1976-77 recaps (apart from the one about the 1989 Brits that got mentioned in the Guardian because the clips have been taken down by the BPI, the swine):

The Alternative TOTP Canon: the great performances that people don't go on about all the time

Ruby blue: a history of TOTP's shortlived Pan's/Legs bridge Ruby Flipper

Cherry shake well: the people's favourite, Cherry Gillespie

Put yourself in the picture: related listings and features from Radio Times

TOTP 11/10/73 (tx 3/10/12): an intermission: the rogue Kenny Everett-fronted repeat

Live from Television Centre: the most common studio visitors...

Mike controllers: ...and the most common hosts

State of independents: the 1970s in pop on the ITV regions

30 for 30 on 4: thirty Channel 4 music clips to celebrate the channel's thirtieth birthday

Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?: the full story of the Sex Pistols' God Save The Queen and its claims to number one

Contempt breed familiarity: who were this mysterious band who turned up on the show one Thursday in May? And who were all those other non-hitmakers?

A farewell to 1976, by Bob Stanley: the year's music precised by someone who's got a book on modern pop out next year

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Arthur Nibble says ta... said...

Halcyon days indeed. Not forgetting Simon's obvious and understandable frustration at swotting up on and making copious notes on the first showing of Can's "I Want More", only for it to be cut from the 7.30 edition!

By the way, if anyone missed it at the time and is still curious, Glamourpuss were put together by the team who manufactured Guys 'N' Dolls. Stephanie Lawrence was indeed a member of the 'Puss, and the only other gal ever identified was tall blonde Zena Clifton, latterly a 'Carry On' bit part actress (for all of 10 seconds if that) and a Brucie Dolly Dealer.