Monday, 4 June 2012

Mike controllers

Here's something to while away part of another blank midweek. Who were the most prolific Pops hosts in the show's history? Here's the top thirty rundown:

30 Ed Stewart (30 appearances)
29 Gail Porter (36)
28 Tim Kash (38)
27 Richard Skinner (40)
26 Nicky Campbell (41)
25 David Jacobs (44)
24 Mark Goodier (47)

23 Bruno Brookes (48)
22 John Peel (49)

21 Simon Mayo (55)
20 Steve Wright (56)
19 Tony Dortie (57)
18 Jayne Middlemiss (58)
17 Mark Franklin (59)
16 Janice Long (62)
15 Mike Read (66)
13= Mike Smith (69)
13= David Jensen (69)
11= Reggie Yates (73)
11= Noel Edmonds (73)

10 Simon Bates (78)
9 Alan Freeman (94)
8 Jamie Theakston (99)
7 Pete Murray (101)

6 Dave Lee Travis (104)

5 Fearne Cotton (113)
4 Peter Powell (114)

3 Gary Davies (117)
2 Tony Blackburn (148)
1 Jimmy Savile (279)


wilberforce said...

despite their many appearances i have absolutely no idea who tim kash, tony dortie, mark franklin and reggie yates are - i have to assume they presented during the last 10 years of the show, by which which time i had totally lost interest in contemporary chart music. however, i am a little surprised that richard skinner appeared so many times...

Mikey said...

You haven't missed much, wilberforce! Tim Kash presented virtually every week from the end of the November 2003, but he was gone entirely within 10 months - he was brought in as part of the new look, but he sometimes struggled on the live show with technical problems and he had little charisma. Tony Dortie and Mark Franklin were the main presenters of the Appel weather-vane years 1991-4, when the Radio1 DJs were temporarily exiled. Dortie's catchprase was "Laters!" at the end of each show, but he was not widely regarded. Franklin was better, only 17 when he started, I believe. Quite competent, I'd say that he was the best of the four you mention, but ultimately he sounded a bit too commercial radio for me. I really can't understand the appeal of Reggie Yates, but others must disagree as he has done very well for himself since his debut in 2003.

Arthur Nibble said...

Tony Dortie was one of the DJs who took over after the first horrendous TOTP re-vamp. He's the idiot who helped "Laters" become part of the youth dictionary, as that was his sign-off catchphrase.

As far as I know, Reggie Yates has presented the Sunday chart run-down for the last five years or so - he used to present it in tandem with Fearne Cotton - and I've read nothing but criticism of his egotistical and unresearched broadcasting style.

Noax said...

Didn't Tony Dortie also make liberal use of the word 'Troops'? That's my one memory of his, erm, style. Mark Franklin was just like an Aldi version of Mark Goodier really, inoffensive enough. I did see Tim Kash present once and can remember absolutely nothing about it, which speaks volumes.

More depressing, but not surprising, is to see that Fearne 'no discernible talent whatsoever' Cotton made the Top 5. Genuinely surprising to me were the low positions of Goodier and Bruno.

As for the clips, there was some real quality there, though I can't bear to even click on Peter Powell's one, and got about a couple of minutes into DLT before reaching saturation point.

Anonymous said...

Reggie Yates is an idiot who knows nothing about music, therefore perfect to be a current Radio 1 DJ.
He thinks the chart in 2012 is 'more varied than it's ever been.'

Simon said...

In case anyone is of like mind to Noax, and I can't blame you, the Powell clip is there because you can see him dancing in the background throughout. Compare and contrast to the bit we see of Jimmy strutting his stuff to the same track.

wilberforce said...

had a look at the above js clip - noticed he soon disappeared once the camera changed shot... unlike the village people leatherman lookalike!

Erithian said...

Tim Kash did his first TOTP when Michelle (McManus from Pop Idol) was number one, and he did a little interview with her. At one point she accidentally spoke at the same time as him, and he said something like "don't worry, it's my show" - at which you could hear the entire TV audience thinking "it isn't your show, mate, you're just abusing the honour of being allowed to present it. Short-lived."

The Man said...

Considering the quality of DJ on Radio One, no wonder TOTP hasn't come back...

Arthur Nibble said...

Bearing in mind the start-of-year documentary and the number of appearances under his belt from this list (and without cheating and peeking elsewhere), looks like we're in for a rough ride with loads of shows imminently fronted by "Effervescent" Peter Powell. Can't wait (said in best 'Marvin the Paranoid Android' voice).

Simon said...

Only the one appearance in 1977, though - his number comes from having been a regular for the subsequent decade.

Anonymous said...

Another Radio 1 idiot is Huw Stephens - who thinks Don Henley is the lead singer of Steely Dan - and he's a 'music expert' DJ as opposed to a 'personality' DJ like Moyles. Google him and see him doing that salute. If you experience no desire to punch him seek medical help.

I remember the joke that was the British Rock N Roll Hall of fame. Jamie Theakston presented saying 'These people know much more about music than you or me' As he said that Jo Whiley appeared on screen. Someone still owes me money for a new TV.

wilberforce said...

can i be the first one to defend the "effervescent" peter powell? i know the guy was a tad over-enthusiastic but his heart always seemed in the right place to me, and he always seemed keen on the musical trends that were happening on his watch too (post-punk, new romantics, synth-pop etc)

... unlike the one i'm dreading to see - "slimy" bates! normally my hand would be reaching for the fast-forward button the moment his leering ugly mug hits the screen, but in the interests of this blog i shall endure him... just so i can lay the boot in here!

oh yes, the last time i listened to radio 1 was in the summer of 1996 when i was working in the kitchens of a holiday camp - we had to have something on to make the day go quicker, it was either that or "dave doubledecks" local radio! i think that experience was enough to put me off for life afterwards...

Noax said...

Ah, 1996 - Chris Evans at the height of ego, Lisa 'Street' I'Anson. What a high watermark for national radio, I remember it well....

Arthur Nibble said...

Wilberforce, while Peter Powell was a bit too 'sugar rush' for my liking, I agree that he kept up with and embraced the new trends and, like you, I'm dreading the first appearance of Master Bates, now working for Smooth Radio and broadcasting all next week from the Falklands - as if those poor devils haven't got it bad enough with the climate and isolation.

wilberforce said...

smooth radio and slimy sound like they're made for each other - hopefully whilst he's down in the falklands the argies will decide to try and invade again!

Erithian said...

That legendary opposition leader, who suffered two decades of torment for taking a stand for freedom, returns in triumph and with gratitude to the BBC and revels in the warmth of the welcome. And while he’s there he meets Aung San Suu Kyi: