Friday, 12 August 2011

The Alternative TOTP Canon #31: Symposium - Fairweather Friend

Slightly differently to the rest of the week's entries, this wasn't a surprise big hit or novelty appeal, just a young indie rock band in the right place (the mid-level touring circuit) at the right time (1997). Known for their catastrophic energy at the time, it's really a matter of whether Ross Cummins goes to the crowd first or whether the crowd comes to him, in the end deciding on what must have been a show first. Nirvana's may be more famous, The Real Thing from the other week more awkward, but I don't think TOTP has seen a more populated stage invasion. See how Jayne Middlemiss sticks resolutely to the script afterwards. Great big edit to cover a VHS cockup too. DIY to the last.

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