Sunday, 5 June 2011

"Beautiful Babs... dunno what her name is"

To mark Flick Colby's untimely passing, a posting of the This Is Your Life appearance of perhaps the most famous of her proteges, Babs Lord (now Powell), who since leaving Pan's People in 1975 has taken part in the BT Global Yacht Challenge, trekked to the Arctic and climbed Kilimanjaro all for charity. Of the original six, taking Babs as one, four more appear - Ruth Pearson at 6:50, then Flick turns up at eight minutes with Dee Dee, Louise and the later arrival and increasingly omnipresent Cherry. Jimmy Saville is on just after that, as expected.

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Adam Maunder said...

None of this is gonna mean much now, but given no else has bothered commenting, thought I might as well.

I'm pretty resigned to the fact that there's little I can do about TIYL always having the desired lachrymose effect on me; still not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

Wonderful to see the girls with Flick again, but I'm rather worried that I should be having a favourite, at my age (26 - it's just not right, is it? Oh, and it's Cherry, by the way.) Interesting, too, to see Jim'll doing his Benny Hill impersonation with them.

My own favourite PP routine (of the ones I've seen - having never borne witness to their BBC2 'In Concert' special) stems from their stint on the the 3rd series of the Two Ronnies - 'Hip-Hug-Her' by Booker T & the MGs, but that's not on YT, so this one'll do. Anyone know what the tune is, though?

In all, sir, a beautiful tribute to dear Ms. Colby. R.I.P.