Sunday, 8 May 2011

The Alternative TOTP Canon #7: The Jam - The Modern World

Their first appearance, but just wanted to put this in for Peter Powell's link out, really.


Steve Williams said...

That is great, Powell's first Pops, that, and he did later admit he'd got a bit overexcited.

Here's another great Powell clip...

I love that chart rundown, a great choice of music to accompany it and some fantastic pictures. I love the fact The Stranglers look quite wholesome and presentable next to The Sweet, and then you get a row of bands with increasingly huge numbers of members - War, ELO, Heatwave, Darts, Rose Royce and The Wailers. There must have been more people in that top thirty than ever before or since.

And, of course, if you watch this straight after the current BBC4 repeats, you may think the top two has been unchanged for two years.

Simon said...

Uploader closed their account? No worries, here's the first ten minutes of that same show, so you get some free Barron Knights as well now.